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When You Can't Run... Firefly T-Shirt

When You Can't Run... Firefly T-Shirt

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For the show that might be gone, but never forgotten- My very first Firefly design! With Shiny Gold ink on a Browncoat's brown shirt, you can show your support for everyone's favorite Mischief Makers. The Browncoat's Motto is by far one of my favorite quotes of the original show, and really shows the heart of the whole show and its amazing Crew. This design is purposefully a bit degraded and worn to give it a slightly aged feel so that it looks like something that could have come from the Serenity Universe.

Fabric: 100% cotton, preshrunk

Fabric Color: Brown

Ink Color: Iridescent Metallic Gold

Classic Unisex T-Shirt Sizes: Small - 6X

Women's Fitted T-Shirt Sizes Small - 3X

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