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Unicorn Empire

Life Finds A Way Jurassic Dinosaur T-Shirt

Life Finds A Way Jurassic Dinosaur T-Shirt

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In the wise words of the ever-charismatic Jeff Goldblum- er, I mean, Chaos Doctor Ian Malcolm- Life, uhhhhhh, finds a way. Only for the very cleverest of creatures, this charcoal grey t-shirt features all the nostalgia I've been feeling lately about laser lights, space wizards and giant islands full of genetic crimes against nature. So moonwalk your way down to the mall and rent a classic VHS, because this t-shirt is gonna make you radical!

Fabric Color: Gray

Ink Color:  Neon Pink and Electric Blue

Classic Unisex T-Shirt Sizes: Small - 6X

Every Unicorn Empire shirt is printed with care by our team right here in Washington State. We print with high quality, water-based inks and use traditional hand screen printing techniques, making our shirts uniquely soft and durable. When you order a Unicorn Empire tee, you can count on receiving a unique piece of wearable artwork that will last for years.

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