Unicorn Empire

Frieren Beyond Journey's End T-Shirt

Frieren Beyond Journey's End T-Shirt

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Have you delved the deepest dungeons, fought the mightiest dragons, and finally become... The Dungeon Master? Or were you cursed from the beginning as the Forever DM? Whatever the case may be, if you are willing to lead your party through an epic campaign and put up with their shenanigans, then you deserve this ultimate Dungeon Master shirt. Printed in lustrous copper metallic ink, this design was made to encapsulate the awesome feeling of being the DM and setting the scene for another grand adventure.

Every Unicorn Empire shirt is printed with care by our team right here in Washington State. We print with high quality, water-based inks and use traditional hand screen printing techniques, making our shirts uniquely soft and durable. When you order a Unicorn Empire tee, you can count on receiving a unique piece of wearable artwork that will last for years.

T-Shirt Fabric: 100% cotton, preshrunk

Fabric Color: Black

Ink Color: Iridescent Metallic Silver

Classic Unisex T-Shirt Sizes Small - 6X

Women's Fitted T-Shirt Sizes Small - 3X

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