When I first started screen printing I was absolutely determined to figure it out. I watched a ton of videos, read a ton of tutorials, and I still had a ton of problems. After about a month of unsuccessfully trying to coat a screen and wash it out, I finally got a good screen. I was so excited I rushed to print with it and didn't realize until 20 shirts later that the design was backwards.

Unlike most art techniques that I've learned so far, I am continually challenged and surprised by screen printing. What works in one video may not work for you for a variety of reasons, from your equipment to the ambient temperature and humidity- things you cannot change or fix.

Despite just how challenging it is (or perhaps because of) it is one of the most rewarding things I've ever done artistically. There is something truly amazing about the process, and if you have any interest in learning to screen print I would highly recommend it.

On this page I've compiled some of the resources that I used to learn the process of screen printing, to give you a general idea of how your t-shirts are made.