Hunt and kill monsters before they kill you. Defeat rare and powerful monsters to save lives and earn points. The harder the monster is to kill, the more lives you save. The hunter who saves the most lives wins the game.

Character Cards

Character cards are divided into three races: Humans, Angels, and Demons. Each race has it's own advantages and disadvantages. Every character is unique and each character card has a unique combination of health points and attack points. Character cards are selected at random at the start of the game.

Vehicle Cards

Every hunter needs a ride. Your vehicle is your home on the road and determines both your speed and your trunk space. Faster vehicles give you a speed modifier which is added to your roll when you move around the board. Trunk space determines how many trunk cards you can carry. Every vehicle has it's own advantages and drawbacks. For example, driving a school bus means you can carry 5 trunk cards, but since school bused are slow, you will have a -1 modifier on every roll. If you roll a six while driving a bus, you'll only move 5 spaces. If you roll a 1, you're not going anywhere. Vehicle cards are selected at random at the start of the game.


Event Cards

As you travel the road on your hunt, you'll never quite know what to expect. Event cards are a mixed bad; some are good, some are bad, and some are in between. Event cards should be shuffled thoroughly at the beginning of the game with the monster cards. Both cards have the same (pink) backing to ensure that you don't know if you'll be getting an event or a monster. You will draw from the event deck whenever you land on a grey square on the board. Some events are optional though, so read the wording carefully.

Trunk Cards

On the road, the trunk of your car becomes your own personal armory. Trunk cards represent the spells and strategies you keep stashed away for an emergency. Your trunk cards may be the difference between saving the day and being slaughtered in your next battle. Be sure to keep your trunk cards secret because your fellow hunters may have the opportunity to steal your gear with a trunk card of their own. Trunk cards are collected by landing on a blue square on the board. You may only keep as many trunk cards as your vehicle can carry. if you land on a blue square when your vehicle is full, you have the choice of keeping your current trunk cards or swapping one out for the new card. Trunk cards can be played at any time during the game unless they state otherwise. You may only use a trunk card once. After it has been used, you must discard it. Discarded trunk cards should be added to the bottom of the trunk card deck.

Item Cards

Item cards are weapons and equipment that hunters use for an added boost in battle. Humans can equip up to 3 items, demons can equip up to 2 items, and angels can only equip 1 item at a time. Item cards are collected by landing on a green square on the board. If your character is already equipped with the maximum number of items when you land on a green square, you can choose to swap out an item and return the unwanted item to the bottom of the item deck.


Specialty Squares

The Mystery Portal: A mystery portal instantly transports characters through space and time to the mystery portal on the opposite side of the board. Teleportation is not optional.

The Crossroads: Sometimes you need a little help to get what you want. If you land directly on the crossroads square, you'll have the opportunity to cut a demon deal and make your wishes come true. If you're willing to take the risk, trade half of your current health points to claim one trunk card or one item card of your choice: either from the item deck, the trunk deck, or steal an item card from another hunter. If a player steals your item during a demon deal, you must give it up and you may not redraw.

The Skulls: Maybe you drove your car off a cliff. Maybe you ate some bad tacos. Whatever it was, it was too much for you. Turn in all your health points and head straight to purgatory.

Blue Squares: Draw one trunk card. You can only keep as many trunk cards as your vehicle will hold. Keep your original gear or swap your cards to make room for your new card. Discard unwanted cards.

Green Squares: Draw one item card. You can only equip as many item cards as your character's species is able to carry. Keep your original items or swap your cards to make room for your new items.

Pit Stops: Take a detour to a pit stop to regain health points. Instantly recover +5 health points at Jo's Diner, or spend the night in a Motel and roll the dice once per turn to recover more health points. In order to use a motel, you must enter the motel space fully. Once you are in the motel, it is the end of your turn. On your next turn, you roll to recuperate health points. You get 1 roll per turn.


Hunting is a dangerous business. Sometimes you'll run into a monster that is too much for you to handle or you may meet an otherwise untimely death. The good news is that death isn't always permanent.

When your character dies, lose all your earthly possessions by returning all trunk, item, and vehicle cards to their respective decks and move your character token to purgatory. During your turn, roll the dice once for a chance to escape. If you roll a 3, you may return to the start of the game. Redraw a new vehicle when you've returned to the land of the living.

Humans have the additional benefit of being able to slip out of purgatory if they roll a 1 or a 3. Keep track of the number of turns you spend rolling to escape. After you have spent 5 turns in purgatory, you may leave on your 6th turn and return to start with half of your health points, if you wish.


Health points are determined by your character card and item cards. Use health tokens to easily keep track of your current health. Health is lost during monster battles or events and can be renewed through event cards and by traveling to motels. Once you're inside the motel, you can recover health by rolling the dice once per turn and drawing health tokens equal to the roll. Your hunter may only recover as many health points as their items and character card allows. You can stay in the motel until you've fully recovered or take a risk and leave after licking your wounds. For a quick pick-me-up, head to Jo's Diner and recover +5 health points.

Staking Health

In some situations it is possible to have more than your maximum amount of health dictated by character and item cards. For instance, if you draw an event card that grants you health points, you can 'stack' those on top of your current health, even if fully healed. However, this stacking system does not apply to trunk cards, Jo's Diner or staying at motels after regaining full health. When changing characters, health points are neither lost nor gained. Your capacity for health has changed. Any excess points are then considered stacked and cannot be regained after they are lost.

Game Movement

It is important to understand how your character token is allowed to move on the game board. While the board is designed to be circular and allow characters to travel the whole board in multiple directions, you cannot change directions once you've chosen a path. For example, if you're moving in one direction and realize that you're about to land on the skulls death space, you cannot reverse directions to avoid it.

However, there are a few places in the game that allow you to choose the direction your character goes. When you leave a pit stop such as a motel or Jo's Diner, you can go left or right. When you are passing the crossroads you may choose which of the 3 directions you would like to go.

Fighting Monsters

Defeat monsters and save lives by depleting the monster's health points before they deplete yours. Start the fight by counting out health tokens according to the stats on the drawn monster card. If you don't want to fight, you can run away from the monster, but it will cost you 2 HP. The undefeated monster should be returned to the bottom of the events deck.

As a hunter, you get the first attack roll. Roll 1 die at the start of the fight. Add this number to your base attack and add any item modifiers for the total damage inflicted. Subtract your total attack from the monster's health points.

Next, have another hunter roll 1 die and add this number to the monster's base attack. This is the monster's damage inflicted on you. Subtract this number from your current health points.

Continue this exchange until either you or the monster are dead. If you die during combat, return the undefeated monster back into the bottom of the event deck and go to purgatory. If you win, keep the card as a monster trophy. Once involved in the hunt, you cannot run away from the monster.

Lives Saved: All monster cards come with a value ranging from 1-5. This number is located in the eye of the center of the card and represents the number of lives you've saved by killing this monster. An average game (60-80 minutes) plays to 10 lives saved.

Fighting Other Hunters

If you find yourself on another hunter's turf, you better get ready for a show down! Hunters that are the same species are not required to fight, but if you land on another player's occupied space and you are a different species, you must fight to the death - running away is not an option. First attack roll goes to the hunter who was on the space first and all other fighting rules apply.

Getting Started

To prepare for the hunt, shuffle each deck of cards separately, except for event cards and monster cards must be shuffled together.

Human character move first on the board. If more than one hunter is human, the youngest human hunter goes first. If there are no human hunters, follow this rule with demons, then angels.

On your first turn, select a character token, a character card, and a vehicle card at random and count out health tokens according to your character card's base health stat listed on the card.

On your first move, you may choose to travel left or right. You must continue in this direction until you reach the crossroads, a pit stop, or the fork in the road.

Each time you land on a gray square, draw one card from the event card deck. Green squares are for the item deck and blue squares are for trunk cards.

Ending the Game

Quick Hunt: For a quick game, choose a lives saved goal of 4 to 6 lives saved. The first hunter to reach the specified goal, wins the game.

Normal Hunt: Play until one hunter has saved 10 lives. Takes approximately 1.5 hours.

Save the World: For a more in-depth game, play until every monster in the event deck has been defeated. The hunter with the most lives saved at the end of this massive hunt wins the game.



Brother Booster Pack

The Brother Booster Pack was designed to allow for cohesive Team Play with Salt & Burn. It requires a minimum of 4 people, and the game is played in teams of 2. Agree among your group who will be your Sibling before the game begins. Character cards are still drawn at random, and Siblings in the game do not have to be the same species as one another.

Each sibling will have their own token and play their own turn, however their Monster Trophies will be combined for a Team Score, so if one sibling has saved 6 lives and another sibling has saved 4 lives, they have won the game by saving 10 total lives together.

Heirloom Items

In this game, each ‘Family’ will draw a single random Heirloom at the beginning of the game. You must decide within your team who gets the card and its benefits. If the Hunter who had the card dies at any point in the game, the Heirloom item is transferred to their sibling. If both siblings die, the Heirloom is transferred to the sibling who returns to life first. Heirloom items cannot be stolen through Event cards or even through a Crossroad Deal.


Bitten Booster Pack

If you are playing the bitten booster pack, the primary change to the game is that now all species of Hunters have innate and unique abilities. Use the marker cards to keep near your character and items so you can remember the abilities your character possesses, it might make the difference between a good hunt or an early grave!


Humans may carry up to 3 items at a time and have the ability to escape Purgatory by rolling a 1 or a 3. They have the Power of Invention, which allows them to discard any two items (even cursed ones) and draw a new item card at any time during their turn.


Angels may carry only 1 item at a time. They have the Power of Healing, which allows them to heal themselves while on the road without the use of a motel. At the beginning of an Angel’s turn, they must declare that they are going to heal themselves. Their turn consists of a single roll of 1 die. They may take ½ of their roll number as Health until they are fully healed to their maximum capacity. They may not stack extra health by healing. They cannot heal themselves during any fights or to protect themselves against Event cards that they or other characters have already drawn that might kill them.


Demons may carry 2 items at a time. They have the Power of Possession, which allows them to ‘tame’ a low level monster and use it as a shield during fights until the monster is dead. The monster cannot be used as a shield against drawn Event cards. You must declare your intent to tame it at the beginning of the fight and forfeit your first attack roll to try and tame it.

    Level 1 Monster - You must roll a 1, 2 or 3 to Possess it.
    Level 2 Monster - You must roll a 4 or 5 to Possess it.
    Level 3 Monster - you must roll a 6 to Possess it.

If you are unsuccessful in your attempt to Possess the monster on the first turn, the fight continues on normally, with the Monster getting first attack roll against you. If you manage to Possess the monster, keep the card and give the Monster health point counters. Any damage that occurs during hunter or monster battles now hurts the monster instead of you. Once the monster has run out of health points it is dead. You must discard it into the bottom of the Events deck, you may not keep it as a Monster Trophy. Monsters cannot do damage on your behalf during a fight, or be healed in any way.


Werewolves may carry 2 items at a time, and should be given 2 Full Moon tokens at the beginning of the game or upon being turned into a Werewolf. A Full Moon token can be played at any time during your turn. When played, the Werewolf regains full health instantly and their base attack number is doubled for that turn. Do not double item card attack bonuses or your die roll. If you are not fighting anything when the Full Moon token is played, you may regain full health, but you do not have a doubled base attack on your next turn. After your turn is completed, you will black out, and you must forfeit your next turn.


Vampires may carry 2 items at a time. If a Vampire is on your tail, you better watch out! A vampire that lands one space behind or ahead of any other hunter may roll a die and siphon health points from that hunter for themselves. There is no limit to how many times a hunter can be bitten by a vampire, and it can be fatal. This health siphoned from other Hunters is stackable, and can go beyond a Vampire’s maximum health points.

Additionally, at the beginning of a monster fight Vampires can consume their first attack roll number from a monster’s health points. They may only siphon the rolled number, it does not include base attack or item bonuses. A monster may only be bitten once, at the beginning of the fight. Vampires cannot stack this siphoned health though, and if they are at full health they receive no additional health points for themselves.


End of Days Rules

Unlike the Booster Packs, the End of Days expansion pack changes the game’s objectives. All of the primary rules still apply in the game, and you can play the End of Days expansion with both of the booster packs.

Main Goal

Instead of trying to save lives, the primary goal is to stop the Apocalypse by defeating Lucifer. But be careful- Lucifer has a chance of winning the game!

Losing the Game

If at any point in the game all of the Hunters are in Purgatory at the same time, Lucifer has won, and the world has ended.

Starting the Game

To start the game, place the Four Horsemen tokens throughout the board. They should be far apart from each other, but they can be placed anywhere on the game board on any green, blue or grey squares. The Horsemen are stationary and do not move throughout the game.

Each Horseman has a set of items that they own. Shuffle these item cards and draw one at random, face up beside the Horseman’s card. This is an item that the Horseman currently possesses and is using, so when they go into battle you must factor in their item with their Health Points or Attack roll, even if it has a negative consequence to the Horseman.


Now, as a mere Hunter, it is impossible for you to so much as lay a finger on Lucifer. In order to stop the end of the world, you must collect one item from each of the Four Horsemen before you can hurt Lucifer at all.

Lucifer is summoned to Earth and begins to travel the board as soon as the first Horseman is defeated. At the end of all the player’s turns, Lucifer receives a turn of her own. She always travels 6 spaces. If she must decide on a turn, a player must roll the dice for her. If it is a 2 way turn, 1-3 is a left turn and 4-6 is a right turn. If it is a 3 way turn, 1-2 is left, 3-4 is right, and 5-6 is straight ahead. The group of players may also decide on an alternate method of movement for the Lucifer token (Perhaps she takes the route that will take her to the nearest Hunter, for instance) as long as it is kept consistent throughout the game.

Lucifer cannot collect item or trunk cards, and none of the squares on the board affect her. She cannot enter Motels or Jo’s Diner. If she lands on the Horsemen tokens, she does not interact with them in any way.

If Lucifer lands on your token, or if you land on Lucifer’s token, she is entitled to a single attack roll. Unless you have collected an item from all Four Horsemen, you are unable to attack Lucifer in return. You may run away from the fight on your next turn if Lucifer failed to kill you, and it does not cost any health points to escape. You have the option of staying and fighting if you have collected an item from each of the Four Horsemen.


The Four Horsemen should all have a single item in use at a time. Your goal is to kill the Horseman and steal their item. The Horsemen do revive once you’ve taken their item and moved on, ready to fight the next Hunter that crosses their path, and another item card must be drawn at random from their stack of items for them to use. Your Horseman item stays with you through death, however it can be lost through other Events, Demon Deals  or Trunk cards in the game.

Landing on Horsemen or Lucifer

If you are trying to find and fight a Horseman or Lucifer, you may stop at their token once you have reached it, even if you roll a number that would have placed you beyond their token. If you do not want to fight, simply pass over them. If you land directly on a Horseman or Lucifer, it is the same as if you had drawn a Monster Card out of the Event Deck; You are obligated to fight or pay 2 Health Points in order to escape.

Killing Monster

In this most dire of circumstances, you’re more interested in saving the world than in fighting ghosts and goblins- this is the Big Leagues! However, that doesn’t mean you won’t encounter monsters along the way. The stronger you become and the more Horsemen items you collect, the easier it will be to kill monsters. You may collect monsters and use their points in 2 different ways throughout the game. The Lives Saved points may be used to heal you at any point during your turn, though once you have used them you must discard the card. Alternately, you may use the Lives Saved points to deal instant damage to Lucifer. Once you have used the Lives Saved points you must discard the monster cards.

Winning the Game

The game can only be won once Lucifer has been defeated and killed. The first Hunter to successfully kill Lucifer wins!

Additional Challenges

Once you are more familiar with the End of Days rules, you can implement these additional rules in order to make the game a little more challenging.

1. Each Hunter can only die and return to life 3 times; once all Hunters have died 3 times each, Lucifer wins the game. Once you have died 3 times, you can either continue to play but be unable to kill Lucifer, or be out of the game entirely. This additional challenge means that you and the other Hunters have more of a joint interest in each other, and will be encouraged to help each other in the interest of winning the game.

2. At the beginning of the game, shuffle the item cards and draw a single item at random and give it to Lucifer. This item cannot be stolen or removed in any way, and Lucifer reaps the benefits of whatever the item may be.