The Unicorn Empire began with a little Sherlockian ABC book made for fun, and has been at a full run ever since. In 2011 I moved from Juneau, Alaska to live with my best friend Pepper. While I absolutely hated what little screen printing I'd done when I took a book-making course in college, I had the hair brained idea of making t-shirts.

I shopped around, looking for a place where I could get them printed, but everything I saw was thick, chunky, and expensive. Services that offered a miniscule return in exchange for making a huge profit off of my art, or companies that simply used heavy plastisol inks on cheap shirts. I decided that I could try and do better.

The process of teaching myself to screen print was incredibly challenging, and I'm still learning things every single day. That first set of shirts was nothing but a big mess- but it was a start in the right direction! I learned to use water based, eco-friendly inks that have a soft feel on the fabric.

Now the Unicorn Empire has moved closer to Seattle, Washington and is run by Amber, Pepper and the newest acquisition of the Empire, Kate. Every day the three of us work hard to make quality, hand made goods for the shows that we love!